TiNY Health App


We are helping health care professionals to communicate with their young patients.

+eHealth Communication Platform for paediatric consultants and teams: The application will enable a communication solution for health care professionals to discuss injuries, diagnosis and procedures with their young patients. It will use age appropriate imagery , stories and animations to show to the child.

+For example if a child is admitted to the paediatric ward and requires a frightening lumbar puncture, the doctor (or any member of the multi-disciplinary team) may use the platform to type in the procedure and the child’s age. The platform will then provide them with an illustration and/or animation to help them to explain the procedure to the child and their parents.

See screenshots and demo video below.

See DEMO of Platform below:


This platform includes personalised videos, stories, doodles and tips to aid the child’s understanding of everything from cannulation to chemotherapy. See example of personalisied animation below: