About us

Innovative Children’s Health Publishing. We are Gail and Mick. We are a paediatric nurse and doctor team. We want to help you to communicate with your paediatric patients and their families.

We aim to solve the problems that we have encountered both as health care professionals and parents:

1. Communication Challenge: Paediatric health care teams struggle to communicate with children and their parents. This results in confusion and worry.

2. Children Excluded: Children excluded from decisions regarding their health. This can lead to non-compliance with their treatment or regime e.g. diabetes.

3. No Educational Material: Healthcare companies and groups do not have a reliable source of children’s health educational material.

We are including children in healthcare decisions. Mission: To change how children are communicated with within the healthcare setting. To create highly effective, engaging educational books, booklets and applications in the areas of child health and well-being.

It is founded by Gail Condon – paediatric nurse and Dr. Mick Carter – paediatric doctor, who also founded Writing for TiNY in 2013.

Why we started:

+Encouraging children to be involved in making decisions regarding their health is regarded as a right of the child. Children need to be informed in an age appropriate manner in order to allow them to make decisions that affect their health. We aim to educate the child, and solve the communication issues present between the child, the parent and the health care team.

+Based on our significant stakeholder engagement, there is consensus that change is needed in the area of children’s education and involvement in healthcare and that there is a lack of communication solutions available to the MDTs to engage effectively with the child and also with the parents.

Improved outcomes can be achieved with TiNY Health’s solutions:

1) Our personalised communication eHealth platform that provides immediate on hand educational material to MDTs for children and parents.

2) Personalised books given at diagnosis of chronic illness.

3) Specialised children’s literature for public and private healthcare organisations.