Vaccine Booklet


TiNY Health has developed a booklet that is designed to help school age children to understand vaccines. This booklet looks at how vaccines were discovered, how our bodies fight infection, and how vaccines help them to do so. It also explores what happens on the day that the vaccination nurse comes to school, or when a child visits a medical clinic to receive a vaccine.This booklet is available to download and read. There are also cool videos and online games to play!

There are two versions of the booklet.

1. For children who are vaccinated in the school setting.

2. For children who are vaccinated in a medical setting.

The vaccine booklet is available in English, French,  Spanish and now Korean 

The Vaccine Booklet Project – Behind the Scenes

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The booklet is copyright of TiNY Health 2017- 2020. This project was funded by a Sanofi Educational Grant. It does not intend to replace medical advice. If you have questions about vaccinations, you should speak directly to your medical provider. This booklet does not promote any particular brand or type of vaccine. Please contact us for any further information.